Linktree alternatives for businesses

What are the alternatives to Linktree for businesses making use of Instagram to advertise their business information and sell their products and services through linking to bio?


If you have a business, you will know that social media plays a vital role in helping you advertise certain aspects of your business, if not all, in the case where your social media is your best and only way of advertising what your business has to offer.

Instagram is a great social media platform for when you might need to create links to your off-site pages. The only way to do this would be to include links in your biography. Linktree offers a tool to help you link more efficiently, but are there Linktree alternatives?

Business Linktree alternatives

When you are using Instagram to advertise your business, you need to provide links to some of your content. This is when you find that people state that links to certain business information is contained in their Instagram bio.

Linktree is a tool that offers businesses a means of linking more effectively by providing one single short link with all the information customers will need that can be placed in your bio, instead of using multiple links for different content contained in different Instagram posts.

So, let us consider some alternatives to Linktree.

Linktree alternatives for business

Taking advantage of Instagram and its many features to promote certain aspects of your business can really come in handy, especially considering how much reach you can achieve with a platform like Instagram.

You get to advertise your business to your followers as well as the wider Instagram audience.

Using Instagram as your marketing tool will require you to link people to different pages at any given time, and Linktree is a tool that makes this possible and simple.

Though Linktree is favoured, some businesses might be looking to use alternatives to Linktree, for whatever reasons. Luckily, there are other options to explore.

Alternatives that businesses can use include Sked Link, ContactInBio, Campsite, Swipop, Tap Bio, SeedProd,,, and Smash Balloon amongst others.

All these will offer you different tools to cater to different needs for your business. Either way, they are good for business advertising.

What are some useful tools these alternatives can offer businesses?

These alternatives will cater to your business needs differently. Sked Link is good for adding shopping links, ContactInBio allows for the direct incorporation of contact forms on your landing page, which makes it easy for your business to be contacted via a short link.

Campsite offers a tool that allows for easy mailing and is good for businesses looking to increase their mailing lists.

Swipop is a great choice for selling your content with its e-commerce functionality and also helps businesses with custom shoppable links.

ContactInBio and its features

ContactInBio is a common alternative to Linktree and actually has similarities to Linktree. For your business, this can be a great alternative as it allows you to add your store products to your landing page, making it easy for customers to explore products and buy them on your link page.

Social media influencers are also a business, and this can be a great tool for them to add their videos, images, image carousels and payment links to their landing pages.

Messenger links are also supported. Paid plans start from $4.55 monthly, and they come with a free plan. and its features

This alternative is great for businesses that use their Instagram posts to sell their products and services. When you set up, it works to replicate your main Instagram feed on your bio link landing page.

Each Instagram post will be tagged with its own custom URL, leading customers straight to your landing page. This presents a great option for e-commerce stores who are solely using Instagram to market and sell their products.

You can add up to five custom links to each post. The business plan starts at $8 monthly with a free plan available.

Final thoughts

Using social media platforms such as Instagram to promote and link to your business is one of the best ways to grow your business following and make it simple for customers to interact with your business in various ways, the main one being to purchase your products.

There are excellent alternatives to Linktree for linking to your landing pages in your bio. Different alternatives will cater to your business relations in different ways but overall, will help you to run your business with the help of Instagram and its community for advertising and management of your business.