Little Carly returns to normal life after leaving YouTube

Little Carly was a widely popular YouTube personality who decided to leave the platform in 2019, as a way to return to a more low-key life under her real name, Carina May.

Little Carly is a YouTube channel that was created by Irish YouTuber, Carina May, in August 2015.

The content that was shared on her channel specifically targeted children, as she based her videos on the popular video game, Minecraft.

Little Carly became a viral sensation following the release of her videos, Minecraft – Little Carly Adventures: Meeting My Sister Little Kelly!, and, Minecraft – Little Carly Adventures: Setting Up Disney Princess Sleepover, which both gained nearly a million views in a short space of time.

Her videos soon grew into a series, with gamers wanting to follow the journeys of Little Carly and her fictional counterparts, who each had their individual storylines created by Carina.

The YouTuber expanded her content reach to Instagram, where she also posted teasers and behind-the-scenes videos of her gaming.

Carina’s popularity was also credited to the fact that she was one of the most prominent female gamers who were garnering some of the top views in the gaming category.

In June 2019, Little Carly uploaded the final video on her YouTube channel, which was a Roblox video stream titled “Get back to work!”

On her Instagram page, her last post was in April 2019, which referenced a teenage Harley Quin series that was coming to her channel.

Without any warning, Little Carly stopped posting on all her platforms, leaving fans confused about what had happened.

Little Carly has not released an official statement or uploaded a video explaining her decision to leave, causing for fans to believe that she will return some day.

According to her husband, Vinny May Jr’s Instagram page, Little Carly has returned to her name, Carina May, and is living a simple life in the Irish countryside.

Most recently, in December 2020, Vinny shared an image of Carina and their newborn baby, revealing that he and his wife have started a family.

It is speculated that Carina had decided to take a step back from YouTube to focus on growing her family and living a more low-key life.