Live the life you love

Your life is probably the only life you will ever have, so live it and love it.

Living a life you love is sometimes easier said than done. We grow up in an already structured society which imposes ideals and beliefs on individuals. People are expected to live a certain life, based on their social location in society.

For example, being born in a relatively poor family, places one in a low socio-economic status. This means that access to food security, clear water or quality education is very limited. Lack of education also means not qualifying for well-paying jobs. This further continues the cycle of poverty for future generations. It isn’t  easy to live a life you love when you are under the plight of poverty.

Although we arguably have free will, the constructed social structures inhibit other people to flourish. Think of a life of an African-American in America. No matter how much the person may be successful and live a life they want, there are systems in place to ensure black minorities remain inferior. This is the same for every black person everywhere in the world.

This is not to say that living a life you love isn’t easy. It is, in some instances. Despite the overarching social, racial or gender systems and structures, you could still live a life you truly love. This is important and good for your health and well-being. Living a life you truly love, means being happy and content.

People are truly happy when they live a life full of purpose. A purposeful life equates to a meaningful and fulfilling life. Do not fall under the trap of living to impress others or conforming to societal expectations of you. Take time to explore your passions, interests and begin living your life unapologetically.