Love of my life meaning

People usually refer to the love of their lives when they’re talking about their partners.

It’s more of something that exists between two people who are involved romantically.

When you refer to someone as the love of your life, you are admitting that you love them more than anyone else. You have strong feelings for them, and you cannot imagine life without them.

It’s the same as when you’re talking about a soulmate or someone that you feel connected to, more than anyone else. They complete you in ways that you cannot explain, and words would not do any justice to how you feel for them. Not all of us are fortunate to come across the love of our lives but if you ever do, you will experience one of the greatest loves ever. This doesn’t mean you’ll end up with someone who is perfect, but rather someone who will  understand you. He or she will walk this journey with you, despite the odds and anything you  encounter along the way.

Love is not perfect but it sure is beautiful. You know that feeling of peace when you’re around someone? That is what love feels like and that’s how you must feel when you’re with the love of your life. They have flaws but you don’t hold it against them because so do you. You know when you meet someone and you silently say to yourself that you’ve been waiting for that person all your life. Now that they are here, you know that your life is about to change for the better. It’s like a missing piece to a puzzle. Reaching your destination makes you happy and that is exactly what they are to you.

When you’re with them you somehow feel as though you have superpowers and everything around you suddenly all makes sense. Everything you’ve gone through in your love life was meant to happen so that you can end up with the love of your life.