Minute to Win It Valentine’s games

Minute to Win It games with a Valentine’s Day inspired theme can be a lot of fun when family, friends, and couples can play a variety of games.

Minute to Win It games have some of the most popular themed games you can play for people who truly enjoy the thrill of a fast-paced game that requires you to think and perform an action or task quickly.

The gameplay is what people enjoy the most, as players only get one minute to do what their card says.

Minute to Win It games are also very versatile, as the game can be used in just about any type of setting or for any occasion. Valentines’ day can also inspire some Minute to Win It gaming and there are plenty of these Valentine’s Day-inspired games.

Valentine’s Day games

Valentine’s Day is one filled with loads of love. It is a day when lovers can express and show off how much they love their partners. But Valentines’ day is not only reserved for lovers, it is a day for every and anyone to feel and give love.

Some people celebrate it with their favourite groups of people through parties and a good Valentine’s Day party should have pleasant gaming activities to keep guests entertained. Minute to Win It games can be a great addition to a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Minute to Win It Valentine’s games

Valentine’s Day should not fall short of entertainment as it is a great way to make it an enjoyable day for everyone, for instance, you could play games such as Minute to Win It.

Fast-paced Minute to Win It games offer the best experiences since they can be played anywhere, by anyone, and for any occasion.

They are a popular game for various party settings and they present a space where a couple of these games can be inspired by the theme surrounding the day of love.

Games can set the tone of love and get people in good spirits outside of the typical romance, exchanging of gifts, and celebrations.

One would probably assume that Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It games are suited to a more mature audience, but this is not the case as kids can also get in on all the action with some child-friendly innocent gameplay.

Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It games for kids

Name of game How to play
Heart Relay ·  Split a group of kids into two teams with two players per team

·  With a large popsicle stick, the first teammate stacks three candy hearts on top of each other

·  Then they need to walk across to their teammate and hand them the stick to walk back balancing the candy on the stick

Heart Drop ·  For this game, you need a bottle of water, plastic tongs or tweezers, and conversion hearts

·  See how many candy hearts the kids can pick up and drop into the bottle in a minute

Cupids Arrow ·  Place a bowl or tray on one end of the playing area

·  Behind it, approximately two to three feet, stick a masking tape line on the floor

·  A player must stand behind the line and use a straw to shoot down as many cupid’s arrows into the bowl in one minute as possible

Blow Me a Kiss ·  Get kids to blow up a balloon, then use the air from the balloon to topple a row of empty plastic cups

·  Balloons can be blown up as many times as needed in the minute

·  Knocking over the most cups makes you the winner

Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It games for couples

Name of game How to play
Don’t Break My Heart Relay ·  Place a plastic cup with conversion hearts at the end of a room

·  Place an empty cup on the other end

·  In one minute, one member of a duo must move as many hearts from the filled cup to the empty cup with only a plastic spoon as possible

Battle of balloons ·  With one hand, prevent two balloons from falling to the ground

·  Using three balloons can make this more challenging

·  Keep balloons in the air with your other hand behind your back

·  Do not hold the balloons

Cupid shake ·  This game requires that players move around

·  You need a decorated box, ping pong balls, and ribbon

·  Tie the box around your waist, filled with ping pong balls

·  Shake and wiggle until all the balls are out of the box, the player to achieve this first wins

Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It games for everyone

Name of game How to play
Eat your Heart Out ·  This requires edible baked goods (plain unfrosted cupcakes, frosting, conversion hearts, paper plate, and plastic cups)

·  Remove the top part of the cupcake and place a conversion heart in the middle and put the top part back to frost and decorate the cupcake as usual

·  On a paper plate, give players a cupcake with a heart in the center

·  Players need to eat the cupcake to find the heart in one minute without using their hands

·  Once found, the heart is placed in the plastic cup

Heart-to-Heart ·  Use five conversion hearts

·  Players need to stack all five hearts end-to-end and not laying down

·  Hearts need to balance for at least three seconds to win

·  Increase the number of hearts for adults

The Heart Flip ·  Get into two teams of two players each

·  Two players need an empty cup and the other two get a cup filled with conversion hearts

·  Players toss hearts at their teammates and try to catch as many hearts as they can with the empty cup in one minute