Monopoly: Cheaters Edition Rules

The game Monopoly: Cheaters Edition encourages players to cheat their way to winning strategically, without getting caught and facing penalties imposed by other players.

Typically, the point of playing any type of game is to win fair and square. You can only claim your win if you have followed all the right rules and been fair to the other participants of the game.

Cheating, therefore, is not usually the best approach to take, as this would mean you have not won justly. Although cheating is frowned upon when it comes to games, not all games take on that kind of strategy.

Some games actually encourage players to cheat in order to win, which is quite unconventional, and somewhat strange. Monopoly: Cheaters Edition is one such game.

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Monopoly: Cheaters Edition board game

If you are familiar with the original Monopoly board game, you will know how popular it is and how difficult it can be to cheat or to attempt to cheat due to the intensity of the game.

The Cheaters Edition of the game, however, is the complete opposite. You are actually encouraged to cheat and to be the best at cheating to win the game.

Through cheating, you are rewarded, but there are still some set rules to follow to play the game accurately.

Monopoly: Cheaters Edition Rules

The objective of this version of the Monopoly game is still to be the person with the most money at the end. Every player starts off with M1 500.

Each player rolls both dice and the highest roller starts the game. On your turn, check the Cheat Cards on the board and make a plan to complete one or more of them during yours or another player’s turn.

Move your token clockwise and where you land, carry out the rule outlined on that space. If you roll a double, you need to roll again but be careful not to roll a double thrice, as this sends you straight to jail.

Pass the dice and bank tray to the left for the next player to roll and if you have cheated, announce it to your fellow players.

Cheat cards are your chance to cheat. Keep an eye on the cheat cards on the board throughout the game so that you can plan which to use and so that you can keep an eye on other players to see if they are also trying to cheat.

You can cheat during your turn or another player’s. When you are ready to cheat, secretly do what is on the Cheat card and wait until the next player rolls the dice.

If you are not caught before that, then you get away with cheating. Then let everyone know that you have cheated after the next player has rolled the dice, collect the reward on the back of the card, and return the card to the bottom of the Cheat deck.

How to catch a cheater

If you suspect that someone has cheated, you need to call out “CHEAT” and explain why and how you think they have cheated before the next player rolls the dice.

If the accused is found guilty, they are to take the penalty at the back of the Cheat card, then return the card to the bottom of the Cheat deck.

What if you are falsely accused?

It is possible to be falsely accused of cheating in the game, but you have to prove your innocence to be exonerated. If you successfully prove that you are innocent, the accuser must pay you M100.

If you fail to prove your innocence, then other players get to decide whether you cheated and who deserves the penalty between yourself (the accused) and your accuser.

List of Cheats in the game

Some of the cheats one can get away with in the Monopoly game are:

  • Pick Pocket: steal money from another player
  • Free Stay: avoid paying rent
  • Bank Heist: steal money from a bank
  • Trick Dice: ignore the dice and move as many spaces as you want
  • Extra Allowance: collect M300 when you pass Go
  • Escape Artist: when in jail, take off your handcuffs
  • Price Gouging: charge a player more rent than owed
  • Squatter’s Rule: collect rent for another player’s property
  • Short-changed: if you owe another player change, secretly give them less than you owe them
  • Slippery Deed: steal a title deed card from another player or from the Bank
  • Property Swap: swap one of your title deed cards for one owned by another player or the bank
  • Unlicensed Contractor: place a hotel from another player’s property or Bank onto any of your properties
  • Counterfeit Chance: instead of doing what a card says, you do whatever you want
  • Identity Theft: during your turn, move another player’s token and not your own
  • Surprise Demolition: remove another player’s hotel from their property