Most popular podcast hosting sites

A look at some of the most popular podcast hosting sites you can try for your podcast, and how to start and promote your podcast.


If you are a podcaster, you will know that it is important to have a good hosting site for all your podcasting needs. Podcasting is a great hobby, skill, and business for those who love it. It is also ideal for those who enjoy speaking and engaging with audiences on a one-on-one basis.

It is crucial to have a good podcast hosting site, as this will be the home of your podcast and its entire library of files. For established podcasters and those looking to start, knowing which sites are the most popular will help you choose the right one for your podcast.

Podcast hosting sites

One of the first and most important things to consider when looking to start a podcast, is finding a podcast hosting site that functions efficiently and effectively for your new venture.

This can make or break your podcast journey, so knowing how to find the best hosting site is important, especially if you want your podcast to succeed and make waves in the podcasting community.

There are some popular and reputable hosting sites amongst podcasters that new and existing podcasters can try for their venture.

Most popular podcast hosting sites

Starting a podcast may be challenging as there is a lot to take into consideration. One of the first things to look into before beginning your new venture is finding the right podcast hosting site.

It is of the utmost importance that you have a brilliant hosting site behind you. This will ensure the smooth running of your podcast and will assist you in managing all its files.

A good podcast hosting site will also be especially important for your audience, as they will need to have access to your library and be able to tune in for new content.

Some of the most popular hosting sites include, BuzzSprout, Transistor, PodBean, Blubrry Podcasting, Captivate, Resonate, SoundCloud, Simplecast, Fusebox, Spreaker, PodcastWebsites, Audioboom and many others.

How to start a podcast

So, you have decided you want to start a podcast and have no idea where to begin. You would first need to find the best podcast hosting site.

Then, you would build a website as a home for your podcast and all its related content, promoting it and helping users to discover more of your content.

This will involve purchasing a domain name together with a website hosting account. To podcast, you will also need the right equipment.

What equipment do you need for podcasting?

Podcasts require that you record your episodes, and to record there is certain essential equipment you need.

The necessary equipment to begin your podcasting venture is a microphone, a good audio interface, some mixers, a windscreen to capture unnecessary sound and ensure crisp audio is broadcast, shock mounts and a computer.

Recording equipment is not cheap, so beginners can always start small with just the essentials like microphones.

Promoting your podcast

Starting a podcast does not just end with just podcasting. If you want to have a successful podcast, you are going to have to promote your podcast to help users discover it.

This will guarantee that you build yourself a dedicated audience that will consume your podcasts and enjoy them.

Some podcast hosting sites allow you to submit your podcast to different directories and search engines for easy discovery by new listeners.

You can also submit your podcast to streaming platforms such as iTunes, Apple Podcasts and Google podcasts. Your website is also there for promotion.

Final thoughts

There is a lot to consider if you are thinking of starting a podcast journey. Podcasting will require you to be fully prepared by having a good podcast hosting site you can trust with your content, as well as having the right equipment and a website.

What is of importance is having a podcast hosting site that will carry your entire library of podcast files. There are many podcast hosting sites to choose from but, should you want only the best, looking at the most popular hosting sites for your podcast will be key to success.