My husband thinks he does nothing wrong

Relationships are all about compromises.

When you end up with someone who thinks that their word is final, it can cause problems between the two of you.

It’s much better when you are with someone who considers your point of view and is willing to listen when you are talking about your concerns. No one wants to be dismissed when they’re talking about their feelings. That hurts and it somehow affects their confidence.

There are things we tend to ignore when dating. These are the red flags. We convince ourselves that when we get married, they will not do them, or they will be much better. Communication is key to any type of relationship. If the both of you cannot talk and try to find a solution to your problems, things can only get worse from there. You need to be able to listen and respond once the other party is done talking.

If you’ve been trying to reach out to your husband and he keeps on shutting you out, know when to throw in the towel. If every time you try to express your feelings, he is never open to listening to you, something is not right. Maybe he is not the person you thought he was.

Write a letter to him and let him know how you feel about everything that has been happening. If after that attempt he doesn’t talk to you and try to work things out, leave him. You don’t want to be in a relationship where you feel like a toddler. Being in a relationship with someone whom you must always watch what you say, is not healthy.

Toxic people are good at manipulating. They are aware that if someone loves them, they will do anything to keep them happy. You don’t want to be in a relationship where you are abused emotionally.