Netflix announces new original anime series, Yasuke

Netflix has expanded its offering to include original anime series, with its latest production, Yasuke, set to premiere this April.

Netflix’s upcoming original anime series, Yasuke, is set to premiere on Thursday, 29 April 2021. The action fantasy from Lesean Thomas stars Oscar nominee, LaKeith Stanfield, who voices the lead character, Yasuke, also known as The Black Samurai. According to the trailer, released on Friday, 2 April 2021, Yasuke will be based on a peaceful boatman once known as The Black Samurai, who is pulled back into conflict when he takes a little girl with mysterious powers under his wing.

The series has received rave reviews ahead of its release for incorporating a Black lead into the anime category. Netflix has recently ventured into the anime genre as of 2021, and continues to explore its catalogue of series. Each original series has been praised for having the much-loved structure of Japanese manga, whilst adding a spin that makes it more relatable to Western culture.