Netflix announces new reality show, Pet Stars

Netflix has shared the preview of its upcoming reality show, Pets Stars, which follows two animal talent agents who are on the quest to find the biggest pet stars in Hollywood.

Netflix’s upcoming reality show, Pets Stars, is set to premiere on Friday, 30 April 2021. The series will centre around Melissa and Colleen, who are partners at the prestigious animal talent agency, Pets On Q, based in Hollywood, California. The business owners work together to find the cutest and most charismatic pets, who are able to grow a significant social media presence and appear in a variety of television and film roles.

Melissa and Colleen’s business prides itself in having a genuine love for animals, and they hope that the show will highlight the life that can be created for them. According to a statement on the Pets On Q website, “This pair handles Hollywood’s cutest, most high-maintenance animal clients — top hats, treats and poop to boot. Their mission centres around making the world a better place, one animal at a time, and throughout the episodes, viewers not only get to see how they run their business securing partnerships for pets, but also how they work with rescues to highlight animals in need of a better life!”