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NUM calls on Tshipi E Ntle Mine to ensure miners don’t lose jobs

NUM calls on Tshipi E Ntle Mine to ensure miners don’t lose jobs

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has called on Tshipi E Ntle Manganese Mine to ensure that employees don’t lose jobs with the introduction of a new service provider.

In a statement on Thursday, 5 February 2020, the National Union of Mineworkers in the Kimberley region expressed outrage at the manner in which the Tshipi E Ntle Manganese Mine treated the employees who were employed by former service provider, Motse Civil Engineering. While Tshipi E Ntle Mine terminated its contract with Motse Civil Engineering, it put in line the jobs of the employees who worked for the contractor.

“We have been engaging the company (Motse Civil Engineering) on how to avoid mass dismissals since their commercial contract has been terminated by Tshipi E Ntle Manganese Mine. We tried [on] several occasions to engage Tshipi E Ntle as the main employer for possible accommodation of the affected employees by the incoming contracted service provider, [to no avail],” said NUM Kimberley Regional Secretary, Cornelius Manhe.

Manhe noted that the termination of the contract has resulted in hundreds of unemployed people, who would have to join the ever-growing unemployment statistics in the country. “The attitude by Tshipi E Ntle for not taking into cognisance the social and wellbeing of those employees who have contributed to it being successful is unacceptable and appalling,” the statement continued.

NUM has since called on Tshipi E Ntle Mine Management to consider accommodating the affected employees through the new service provider, to ensure that the province’s unemployment rate does not rise.

Abenathi Gqomo
[email protected]