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Online teaching can earn you a considerable amount of extra money

Online teaching can earn you a considerable amount of extra money

During my years at university and a few years into my career, I worked as an online teacher, earning a significant amount of extra money.

The idea of online teaching was given to me by one of my friends at university, who explained that she was working as an English teacher for students in China. She enlightened me on the process behind it and shared that she only would work on her free days from university and on weekends if she was available. Being at university, the balance between basic living and a social life can cost a lot, which is why I jumped at the opportunity and was eager to find out if I could make it work with my busy schedule.

I joined the company Acadsoc, the same company that my friend was a part of. Online teaching agencies are eager to hire anyone who is able to speak English fluently, so the application process was not tedious at all. Once I began, I was able to choose the days which I was able to work and the specific times I was available. Each class was 25 minutes long and I earned five dollars per class. My schedule allowed me to have six classes a day, which roughly exchanges to close to R400 a day.

The extra money I earned with the company made a huge difference to my monthly income, which is why I retained my position as a teacher for many years after, choosing to work in the evenings or on the weekends. I would highly recommend online teaching as a means of earning extra money.