People make time for what they want

Have you ever read this quote somewhere? If you haven’t, I’m sure it makes you think about a few things in your life.

It hurts when you keep  checking up on people, but they never do the same for you. We sometimes care about people who don’t feel the same way we do about them. It isn’t your fault and there is nothing wrong with you.

I remember how I used to be the first person to call or text some of my friends. Eventually, I realised that maybe they don’t feel the same way I do. I might be pushing so hard to have a friendship with them while they aren’t. It’s okay if that’s the case and you will need to take the first step and accept that.

Of course it will hurt, and you will blame yourself for getting attached to them. It’s not your fault that you let people into your life and they don’t appreciate it. There are different ways of looking at this – it might be a good thing that they aren’t interested in you. Maybe in the long run, the relationship was going to be toxic and you dodged a bullet.

If all those people wanted to text back, they would, but they just choose not to. It’s better to let things be than to force a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to. You should consider not engaging with them anymore because the more you do and they don’t respond, the more you get hurt. Letting go of something or someone can never be easy but if it’s something that you have to do, it’s better to do it.