Peter Weber’s failed relationships since The Bachelor, including breakup from Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber’s journey on season 15 of The Bachelor is known as one of the most controversial ones, as he ended his engagement to date the runner-up and then another contestant.

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor resulted in one of the most dramatic finales the franchise has ever seen, which saw him being ranked amongst the worst bachelors of all time. Whilst his intention to find love was clear from the beginning, it was apparent that Peter’s indecisiveness compromised the women vying for his love.

In the top five stage, Peter had sent contestant, Kelley Flanagan, home, explaining that his feelings for the other women were far stronger. Despite them having met before the show started filming, Kelley was devastated that Peter did not feel the same about her as he did the first night they met.

In the semi-finale, Peter introduced his top two women to his family, Hannah-Anne Sluss and Maddison Prewitt. His family immediately took to Hannah-Anne, subsequently informing Peter that she was the woman for him, and claiming that Maddison did not measure up to their expectations. Giving in to their wish, Peter sent Maddison home and proposed to Hannah-Anne in the finale.

During the After The Final Rose episode, it was revealed that Peter had broken up with Hannah-Anne, as he believed he could not move past his feelings for Maddison. Maddison and Peter then agreed to give their relationship another try, only for Peter’s family to intervene and, once again, let him know that they were not happy with his decision. Eventually, the couple decided that his parents’ intervention was far too big of a problem, and they agreed to part ways.

In a sudden twist, Peter began sharing social media posts about Kelley, revealing that they were quarantining together amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kelley and Peter confirmed their relationship on Instagram in April 2020, and continued to showcase the progression of their courtship throughout the year.

On Friday, 1 January 2021, Peter took to Instagram to confirm that he and Kelley had broken up. He claimed that whilst they had a strong connection, it simply did not work. He stated, “Kelley is someone I will always have a special love for. Someone I have learned more from than she will ever understand. Someone I am so thankful came into my life, and someone who I will always wish all of life’s greatest blessings on. These moments in life always hurt, but in my opinion, that shows you it was worth the time you spent together. Thank you, Kelley.”