Xbox Game Pass: Phil Spencer wants to preserve video game history

Gamers reportedly find Xbox Gaming Pass convenient, however, Phil Spencer encourages people to preserve video game history, as subscriptions are supposedly designed to stop users from owning things.

On Wednesday, 14 July 2021, Kinda Funny uploaded a video on their YouTube channel, featuring Xbox boss, Phil Spencer.

Phil spoke about gaming preservation, stating, “As an industry, I would love it if we came together to help preserve the history of what our industry is about, so we do not lose access to some of the things that got us to where we are today.”

Subscription services have exploded over the last decade, from Disney Plus to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, to Spotify and Netflix.

These subscriptions have been driven by user value and convivence, as these companies discovered that people are willing to pay a small amount every month for access to a lot of stuff, as opposed to occasionally spending a lot more money to own just one thing.

However, that convenience has come at a cost – ownership. Buying DVDs and CDS was expensive, compared to subscription costs, but once someone bought a CD or DVD, they owned it.

So, without the action of buying and ownership, there would be almost no game preservation as it exists today.

Every pile of PlayStation 2 games, every bundle of 3.5-inch discs, and every container found in your attic, helps people like the Game Preservation Society to do their fantastic work, because people used to own those games and could keep them or transfer ownership.

Subscription services take this concept away. When someone subscribes to Netflix, they only have access to all the movies and series as long as they are paying for it, and even then, it all depends on Netflix legally being able to distribute the series and movies.

The Xbox Game Pass is no different, gamers pay for it, which allows them to play tons of games. The service became quite popular, and currently has over 23 million people using it.

Gamers are led to believe that the game pass is going to change the world, just like Netflix changed its industry.

However, according to Phil Spencer, this service could cripple the idea of preserving video games. The fact is that the more people move to Game Pass, the weaker the owning power gets.

The longer this goes on, the more influential the idea becomes, the fewer games will be sold. Meaning, that there will be fewer games out there for people to actually own.

Spencer is motivating people to partake in the movement to preserve video games, as there could be a time in the near future where no one will buy a physical copy of a game anymore.