Pinterest Group Boards for Etsy sellers

What are some Pinterest Group Boards that Etsy sellers can join, how to join them, specialising in their similar interests, and helping each other’s businesses.


If you own an Etsy store, one way of advertising your business is through Pinterest. The features that Pinterest offers make it a fun space for you to advertise the best that your business has to offer, and to tell the story of what inspires you the most for it.

Using Pinterest involves the creation of pins related to your business and business content. When you create pins, you get to add them onto boards that best convey what your pins are all about. One way Etsy sellers are engaging with each other is through joining group boards of other Etsy sellers.

Etsy seller group boards

Many Etsy sellers create communities for themselves on Pinterest, where they share like-minded ideas and are part of a community of other sellers with businesses similar to theirs.

Group boards can be likened to group chats on messaging apps where like-minded people engage with each other. Pinterest Group Boards serve a similar purpose when it comes to Etsy sellers.

Group boards will cater to Etsy sellers in the same niche, selling similar products, and they are a key part of helping sellers grow their followings on Pinterest, and benefiting their businesses.

Pinterest Group Boards for Etsy sellers

As an Etsy business owner looking to drive traffic to your Etsy store, you should take advantage of the features that you have at your disposal when using Pinterest as a tool to promote your Etsy business, and have your market discover it, which will in turn, make sales.

To advertise your Etsy business, you can also join group boards that relate to your business or inspire ideas for your business. This is one of the ways Etsy sellers have been growing their following.

There are a number of group boards specifically for Etsy sellers to join, such as: Etsy Friends, Happy Etsy Sellers Group Board, Crafts @ ETSY, Etsy Mall, Support Small Businesses (Pin Exchange), and Etsy Sellers Promo Team, amongst others.

Group board name Description How to join

Etsy Friends

– For sellers specialising in vintage, antique and primitives.

– Very selective on who joins.

Leave a note on the creator’s pins to get added.

Happy Etsy Sellers

– For sellers looking to collaborate.

– A vibrant group board.

Follow creator, Sorina Banica, to join, and message her.

Crafts @ ETSY

– Showcasing beautiful crafts.

– Offer discounts.

Message the board to join.

Support Small Businesses

– Specifically for small business owners.

– Good for sharing products.

Reach out to the owner, Pamela Nicholas, directly.

Best of Etsy

– Collaboration board for handmade creations.

– Not more than five pins.

Message owner, SeaCliffe, on how to join.

Etsy Sellers Promo Team

– Fairly newer board.

– Sellers re-pin each other’s content.

Reach out to owner, Sandra Hermans, to join.

Joining the Etsy Sellers Promo Team

This group board is noted to be a newer board, but one that seems to be growing. With newer boards, it is easier for your content to get discovered, as it does not get lost amongst the competition of other Etsy sellers.

In order to join this specific group board, you will have to reach out to the owner, Sandra Hermans, as there is no specific guideline and requirement for how to join the board. As part of this group board, you need to re-pin other content, as well as share your own.

Joining Etsy Friends

Etsy Friends is the perfect group board to follow for sellers who are selling vintage, antique and primitive items in their Etsy stores.

They are said to be very selective about the types of sellers they allow to join the group board, so it is important to be sure you will fit in in some way.

To be added to the group board, you will need to leave a note on one of their pins but as a smarter option, it is suggested that you find pins by the group’s creator, eStuffMart, to get immediate attention.

Joining the Crafts @ ETSY group board

This group board is for those who are interested in the arts and crafts, but more particularly, the crafts market.

It is a group created to showcase beautiful crafts, emphasised as amazing gifts. The group is for those with a profound appreciation of the crafts and it also offers discounts.

In order to join the group board as an Etsy seller, you need to message them asking to join and show a keen interest in the world of crafts, like the sellers on the group board.

Final thoughts

Pinterest serves as one of the best places to promote and advertise your Etsy business. You can take advantage of the great features that allow you to get creative with how you advertise your business and get people to discover it through creating pins and pinning them to boards.

Another way that Etsy sellers work to build their following and promote their Etsy businesses is by being a part of other group boards, where sellers of similar interests and niches get together to share each other’s content, help boost each other’s businesses, and engage in their interests.