Pinterest strategy for an Etsy shop

Looking at some strategies to use on Pinterest for your Etsy shop, such as scheduling, curating your content, and knowing how to pin to lead to your store.


Pinterest is one of the best visual discovery engines for discovering different ideas on a range of topics, such as recipes, DIY ideas, home, style and fitness inspirations, amongst others. It can also be a great place to advertise your Etsy shop.

Pinterest can be one of the best places to share pins related to your Etsy store, and the products or services you offer. Many people are spending their time on Pinterest to discover a range of interests and inspirations. To use Pinterest for your Etsy store, implementing a strategy will help.

Etsy shops and Pinterest strategies

When you are running a business such as an Etsy store, you will need many different channels to help draw traffic to your store and have people buy your products or services.

Making use of a platform such as Pinterest to do so can help get you on the right track. What this will require, however, is the implementation of a good strategy in order to make Pinterest work optimally for you and your Etsy business.

Many people consume Pinterest content, so this can be the best way for consumers to discover your business.

Pinterest strategy for an Etsy shop

Depending on the type of business you are running, you will need to implement a Pinterest strategy that will be best suited to your business, and the ways people can find it easily.

Not all businesses will have the same strategy, and for each business, this will depend on the market you are trying to attract.

Pinterest will be used to promote your Etsy shop in this regard, so you will need to consider the ways that you can make it easy for your market to discover your shop through Pinterest.

Some strategies involve using sections as categories by linking pins to your Etsy store sections; creating pins for your product categories; creating boards for each of your store sections; creating five boards for each section; making use of a scheduler for your pins; and curating your following feed.

Pinterest strategy How to implement it
Scheduling your pins – Schedule your own pins.

– Schedule to re-pin relevant boards and group boards.

Curate your following feed – In order to see the best content to re-pin.

– Scroll through your following feed and unfollow the profiles associated with pins you do not need.

– Follow suggested pinners with more relevant pins appealing to your audience.

Use Etsy sections as Pinterest categories – Link your pins to your Etsy store sections.

– Ensure your pin links go to your store section and not your product listing, to avoid leading customers to competitors instead of you.

Create multiple pins and boards – Create multiple pins for each category of products.

– Use two Etsy-sized pictures to create a traditional long blogger image for your pins. The more variety of pins for the same product, the better.

Create five boards per section – Have a main product board.

– Use four other boards to share different types of products, including those from other sellers.

Scheduling pins and curating your following feed

These strategies involve scheduling pins from your Etsy shop or blog with current blog posts, new product pins or older content that has not been re-pinned in some time.

This can be done by scheduling all your pins to your own boards and group boards, adding over 30 pins by clicking the Following tab, and scrolling down all the way to let the pins load if you are using a scheduler like Tailwind.

Curating your following feed will involve unfollowing pinners that are pinning content you would never re-pin, and finding suitable suggested pinners.

Using your Etsy sections as Pinterest categories

This can be a great strategy for Etsy sellers who do not want to write blog posts for their Etsy shops to post on Pinterest.

Instead, they can use Pinterest to link pins to their different Etsy store sections. Etsy gives you about 20 sections for your store.

If you sell bracelets, you can put all your bracelets in one section, and your pins will direct shoppers to that section.

Changing your pin links to go straight to your section instead of your product listing will always lead to your products, and not to your competitors.

Creating multiple pins and five boards for each section

Another great strategy is to create a number of pins for each category of your products.

The best way to know what type of pins to create, is to spend some time looking through Pinterest to see what the platform deems great content.

Use two Etsy-sized images to create a traditional long blogger Pinterest image and make a variety of them of the same products.

Create five boards for each of your Etsy store sections to share your different types of products, and those of other sellers.

Final thoughts

Pinterest can be one of the best platforms to showcase your business and its products and services. Pinterest is a popular go-to platform for the visual discovery of a range of content, ideas, and inspirations.

So, making use of the platform for your Etsy shop can work wonders.

In order to successfully use Pinterest to your advantage, you will need to have the right strategies to implement for people to discover your Etsy store over your competitors’.

This will involve pinning properly to lead people directly to your store, scheduling, and curating your following feed.