Poppy Lee Friar’s roles since Missy Booth’s death on Ackley Bridge

Poppy Lee Friar has been a series regular on BBC’s In My Skin since her character, Missy Booth, died in the widely popular Channel 4 drama, Ackley Bridge.

Poppy Lee Friar took on the key role of Missy Booth in Channel 4’s Ackley Bridge, portraying Hayley Booth’s older sister and best friend to Nasreen Paracha. Her priorities and morals were much different to her close group of friends. Viewers were shocked to learn that the character had been written out of the storyline in the second episode of the third season, when she was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

This was a major plot twist for the show as Missy Booth and Nasreen had just rekindled their relationship, after they had stopped speaking to one another for a while. Whilst audience members were hopeful that she would survive the crash, she ultimately succumbed to her injuries, leaving a major gap in the show for many of its fans.

Poppy’s exit from Ackley Bridge was reportedly based on the creator’s decision to add a jaw-dropping plot twist to the season. The actress had proven her worth as a performer and had generated buzz around her name in the British entertainment industry. This allowed for her to venture into both mainstream and independent roles, which nurtured her personal and professional creativity.

After exiting Ackley Bridge in 2019, Poppy starred in two different short films during the course of 2020, which she documented on her Instagram page. Dogman tells the story of a young woman who encounters a horrific laboratory creation, whilst Piel: Easy As It Feels  follows an angel which witnesses the beauty and turmoil of earth. Both movies were written and directed by Poppy, who used the films as creative outlets during the coronavirus pandemic.

Aside from her love for short movies, Poppy also starred in BBC’s In My Skin, playing the character of Lydia, a rule-breaking school student who is best friends with Bethan and Travis. The role is much different to the one she assumed in Ackley Bridge, as the actress gets to show off her comedic side.