Questions to ask your higher self

Any kind of question you may have about yourself is within you.

The most important questions to ask your higher self.

We have busy lives which take all of our attention. We have different roles that we play in our families, our communities, at work or at social clubs. All of these often take all our time to a point where we  become slaves to them.

These different roles we play, distract us and we forget to connect to our higher self. Connecting to your higher self is important and allows you to tap into your true nature. The most important questions to ask your higher self should give answers that help you live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Here’s what you could ask:

Your true purpose

Take time to be quiet and centre yourself. Start asking about your true passions and purpose. I am saying true purpose because we sometimes assume roles that  society expects us to. We are all raised with different hegemonic ideals which shape our lives and experiences. Our cultures and traditions have already established roles for each one of us to fit in.

For example, men are expected to head the family and women are expected to bear children and perform domestic duties. In an attempt to find your true purpose, ask your higher self the following:

– Am I happy with my life choices?

– Do I enjoy the work that I do?

– Am I inspired to do my work?

– What is it that I truly want in life?

– What are my desires?

– What are my interests?

– Where do I want to see myself in 3 years?

– Am I staying true to myself with my choices?

Take time to reflect and start asking questions which challenge your current reality. You only have one life on earth, why not live it authentically and truthfully?