Roblox: Why did Apeirophobia shut down?

Apeirophobia has not shut down, but the Roblox game has been moved to a new server after the owner recently came into disrepute.

Roblox is one of the leading online gaming platforms that has created different communities of gamers, as they can create their own games.

Apeirophobia is one of the recent and most popular games that was moved from its original server after the creator recently came into disrepute and was banned from the platform.

When was Apeirophobia moved?

Roblox confirmed that Apeirophobia was being moved in April 2022. On its website, the platform shared the link to the server where the game is currently hosted.

However, in the confirmation notice about the change in the game’s server, the reason for this change was not shared. Insiders finally shared the reasons for the game’s move in July 2022.

Roblox: Why did Apeirophobia shut down?

In June 2022, it was alleged that the move was a result of the game being hacked and subsequently being shut down. While the hack was true, the game was only temporarily shut down. Moreover, by this time, the game had already been moved to a new server.

It was suspected that the reason for the move was more insidious. Based on the official statement shared by the game shared in July 2022, the reason for the move was the disrepute that the game’s owner put Apeirophobia in by stating:

“In regards to the owner being recently banned we were all disappointed and confused but if I’m being honest it was a long time coming. The mountain of evidence became something inexcusable. Zone is no longer working on Apeirophobia and will not be returning to the project either. Zone has taken accountability and now realises the consequences of his actions, none of us are currently associated with that behaviour at all. This is why we had to move the project, we got his consent to do so and as of now having no way of contacting him…”

What is Zone accused of?

Zone is accused of allegedly being racist in his speech, grooming children, and attempting to bribe his staff to keep the matters quiet.

What is Zone’s real name?

Similarly to many popular gamers, the real identity of the Apeirophobia game owner on Roblox is unknown and has not been shared publicly.

Has Zone been arrested?

No additional details have been shared besides those in the official statement by a Roblox insider. The fate of the game’s disgraced owner has not been announced or discussed publicly.