Whatever happened to Sister, Sister’s Roger?

1990s comedy, Sister, Sister, featured beloved character, Roger Evans, played by Marques Houston, who has grown into an artist and husband.

One of the most popular sitcoms of the 1990s has to be Sister, Sister. The comedy series premiered in 1994 and it would go on to have six seasons before its series finale in 1999.

The show was about twin sisters, Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell, finding out that they were separated at birth, after meeting by chance at a mall. The twins convinced their adoptive parents that they should live together, rather than apart.

Sister, Sister initially premiered on ABC, but its future was almost cut short due to low ratings and ABC opting to cancel the show.

However, it was picked up by the then young WB network. It is argued that the canonisation of the sitcom stems from its syndication.

First, it aired on FOX, followed by Teen Nick, which was known as N at the time, followed by Freeform or ABC Family at the time and then BET.

That being said, it was its syndication on the Disney original, which is believed to have contributed to the longevity of the show’s success.

More so, seeing the success it has found since all six seasons of the series have been made available one Netflix. One of the beloved characters outside of the twins is the main supporting character, Roger, who was the annoying neighbour played by Marques Houston.

Who is Sister, Sister’s Roger?

When he was first introduced to the world of the story, Roger played the annoying neighbour. He would frequently pop-up during the first few seasons of the sitcom in order to annoy the sisters.

This would result in the twins kicking him out, which gave rise to the popular phrase, “Go home, Roger!” This is a phrase which is one of the most popular from the series.

In the six seasons of Sister, Sister, Roger was part of the first five.  This means out of the 119 episodes in total of the season, Roger was in 98 episodes.

Hence, it has always been a matter of fascination why Houston never returned for the final season.

Why did Roger not return for season six?

Without no word ahead of his non-return, Roger was not part of the sixth and final season of the show. In the five seasons since making his debut, his character had matured and grown, mirroring the growth and maturity of the leads.

Therefore, while he had started out as the annoying neighbour at the beginning of the show, by the time of his last appearance, he had formed a friendship with both sisters, even having asked them both out through the years.

Houston’s non-return has been attributed to the passing of his grandmother. This has not been confirmed, but it is assumed, due the timelines at which her passing took place. Houston had already lost his mother in 1997 due to lymphoma.

What happened to Marques Houston after Sister, Sister?

Despite his non-return, Houston would continue to land roles in the early 2000s, in landmark films and sitcoms which have become African American, if not universally, iconic Black projects. These include the 2004 dance film, You Got Served, where he played the character of Elgin.

He was then part of the hit comedy show of the 2000s, One on One as Kevin Barnes, and in the same year as he starred on One on One, he also starred in Cuts. Houston was also part of the 2004 classic live action comedy, Fat Albert as Dumb Donald Parker.

In his most recent years, he has continued to act, with his latest project being the 2021 series, Sacrifice. Moreover, through the years, he has ventured into music as part of the boy band, Immature and as a solo artist.

He also does work behind the scenes as part of Chris Stokes-founded company, Footage Films. The two have since formed a friendship and working relationship, as they produce content together for the production company.

In his personal life, Houston is a happily married man to wife, Miya Houston.

In August 2021, the personality took to Instagram to celebrate his one-year anniversary with his wife, with a touching post where he wrote, “It’s not even fair how amazing you are! Jehovah must love me because he gave me one of his most beautiful creations. I love you forever and ever baby… Being your husband has brought me true happiness. Happy 1 year Anniversary! One year, forever to go…”