How Sapnap has continually reinvented his brand’s logo

Gamer and YouTuber, Sapnap, created one of the most popular gaming merchandise, which is immediately identifiable through the flame emoji interpretations.

Nicholas “Nick” Armstrong, popularly known as Sapnap, is a YouTube-based gaming content creator. His most popular YouTube content is his Minecraft challenge videos and collaborations with Dream. He is also one of the founding members of the Dream SMP, having joined in April 2020. Currently, he is a member of the Kinoko Kingdom. He is lauded for his features during the killing of pets, such as The Pet War, Battle of the Lake, The Second Pet War, and The Final Pet War.

Moreover, as a founding member, he has been part of the SMP’s most popular wars since its inception. However, it is his merchandise which has earned him legendary status. The merchandise, which is immediately identifiable through the fire emoji, was derived from a video which once featured the gamer and content creator wearing a white T-shirt. Since showcasing the T-shirt, demand for the merchandise has grown as there is a thriving online store.

Since its inception, the online store has provided multiple variations of the fire emoji, as it continues to roll out new merchandise. The original logo is of the fire emoji with a colourway of red, orange and white.  Thereafter, there was the creation of the pixelated version of the original logo, which had the same colours as the original logo. However, in light of the festive season, the brand has opted for a two-way colour scheme of either red and white or red and black.

Moreover, the monochromatic colour has the design of the fire emoji with more jagged lines and patterns. One even has a sugarcane stick as a motif, with the flame burning on the sugarcane stick. All the designs are available on the website, in a variety of styles including hoodies, headwear, bottles and sweatshirts.