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Save money by eating in

Save money by eating in

Eating out is a way of over spending without realizing that you’re making a loss; because of this, it is much better to eat in to save money.

A lot of people prefer eating out, which is understandable because your food is prepared by someone else, you can order whatever you want and everything just comes easy. However, have you ever thought of how much money goes down the drain by eating out? We, often times, tend to overspend on eating out and I’m equally guilty. Realistically speaking, eating out constantly is just not a great idea.

I want to share a few tips on how to eat in without spending over R400 at a restaurant for just a simple meal accompanied by a drink. Learning to prepare a home cooked meal is the first step to saving. If you’re craving a burger, the financially savvy route is buying burger patties and all the ingredients that make up a burger. If you’re lazy to peel and chop, like me, buy pre-cut oven chips from brands like McCain.

This not only saves you money but can also cater for two to four servings for a fraction of a restaurant price. Although buying pre-cooked meals to eat over a few days often sounds like a great idea, it usually never is. Pre-cooked foods such as sliced polony and sliced tomatoes tend to perish quicker than whole foods. If you go this route, rather buy enough for a single serving that will be consumed on the same day of purchase. Lastly, if you’re a person who likes cool drink,

rather buy yourself a 2L soft drink of your choice that costs R18, instead of buying canned cool drink that usually costs about R10 for a 300ml serving.