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Save money with Do IT Yourself (DIY) projects

Save money with Do IT Yourself (DIY) projects

I have always thought of simple yet eye capturing ideas that would create me an outfit I always wanted but couldn’t afford to buy.

You don’t always have to buy the most expensive items to spruce up your place or your fashion sense, especially when you are living on a low income and trying to save. Being a cheapskate at heart helped to stretch the rand a bit, but still I managed to create beautiful projects with little money spent. Here are some of my most favourite DIY ideas I once tried in order to save money:

Ripped jeans are currently expensive; however, personalising a pair of jeans that you already own is easy and YouTube has a lot of tutorial videos on how to achieve the fashionable trend. I made use of my light to medium wash jeans as they typically look the best when ripped because the colour lends them a more distressed look.

Having an inventory of handbags, I happened to run out of space to store my bags. I came up with a simple yet neat way of packing my handbags, which was using a pin screw that I drilled into my bedroom wall. I then coloured each screw with different colour paint to enhance and accommodate the colour scheme in my room.

Having done much of these DIY minor projects sharpened my artistic skills and gave me an idea on how to structure my saving plan.