Saweetie dons Cheetos-inspired hair colour in promotional video

Saweetie showcased her Cheetos-inspired hair colour in a recent Instagram video, which was also in promotion of the popular brand of cheese puff snacks.

Saweetie took to Instagram on Wednesday, 25 November 2020, to post a video of herself partaking in the Cheetos cook-a-long promotional video. Saweetie has created a lane for herself by exploring hair looks that many would not dare to try. However, in the latest video, the rapper opted for a more subtle and unique hair look.

Saweetie donned a long, layered wig, but it was the hair colour that stood out. The wig was evidently inspired by the Cheetos brand’s colours, as it was a two-toned orange and blonde look. Instead of the roots being dark and fading into the light colour, as is the case with ombré looks, the Icy musician opted to have the effect in the inverse. The blonde section of her hair was also swooped into a combover style.