Sawyer Sharbino clarifies he was not in a committed relationship with Emily Dobson

Sawyer Sharbino and Emily Dobson generated a large fan base which closely followed their romance; however, the YouTubers have since revealed that they are no longer romantically linked in any capacity.

Sawyer Sharbino and Emily Dobson are both online content creators who have a large following on their individual pages.

With both of the media stars being part of Piper Rockelle’s squad, the teenagers began casually dating and often referred to one another as their crushes.

This led to their fans joining together to support the budding relationship, which also encouraged more collaborative videos between Sawyer and Emily.

In a video shared by The Paparazzi Gamer on Sunday, 14 February 2021, the couple were seen at a Valentine’s Day party where they revealed that they were no longer together.

They emphasised the fact they are still extremely close and will continue making videos together for the foreseeable future.

Sawyer also surprised Emily with a necklace and earrings, stating that although they aren’t together, he had still asked Emily to be his valentine and was hopeful that she would like his gift for her.

Thereafter, in a following YouTube video on Wednesday, 3 March 2021, Sawyer explained that he and Emily had ended any romantic relationship that existed between them.

He also clarified that they had never had any commitment to one another, as they did not refer to each other as official boyfriend or girlfriend.

Sawyer stated that the extent of their relationship was them being each other’s crushes, and they could essentially explore other relationships if they wished.

Sawyer also asked that his fans stop harassing Emily for being spotted with other boys, as she is at liberty to do whatever she wants.

The two have remained friends on social media and continue to support one another’s content on all platforms.