Should Etsy tags have spaces?

How to write out your tags on Etsy to include spaces, and how you should and should not use tags for better search optimisation.


Starting an online store requires a lot of premeditated effort on your part as the shop owner to get people to visit your store and purchase your items. Making it easy for shoppers to discover your store through search engines is also effective for leading traffic to it.

If you have an Etsy store, you should implement search engine optimisation (SEO), so that people can find your store easily when they search for items that you sell. A good way to lead traffic to your page is to use the tags related to your business and your products.

Spaces between Etsy tags

Since tags are the keywords you set for people to discover your store and your products easily, it is important to know exactly how you need to write them to make for good search engine optimisation consideration.

The role that keywords and tags play in helping shoppers find your Etsy store is one of the most important drivers to get people to explore your store and potentially purchase your items.

How you write your tags is also important, and that includes considering whether or not to have spacing in between tags.

Should Etsy tags have spaces?

Etsy store owners need to include tags in their Etsy item listings which will assist in discoverability.

Choosing your tags correctly and effectively will increase the chances that your store or your items will appear in more people’s searches and can also make your store rank and appear higher in searches by buyers.

It is also important to write your tags in a way that makes it easier for your store to be discovered in searches. Some may wonder whether there is a need for spacing between tags and the answer is yes. Including spaces between tags will make for better readability.

Etsy gives you up to 13 tags for each of your store listings, with each tag capped at 20 characters, including spaces. Tags are spaced out using a comma and space.

What are Etsy tags?

Etsy tags are phrases or single words best describing the unique item being listed. Every tag is a chance to match what a potential shopper is searching for.

It is important that tags accurately describe your product, mention the types of shoppers who might be interested in purchasing it, or the targeted purpose for which they might purchase it.

Tags need to describe the product and what it is used for, including the different occasions that it can be used for. Tags can also describe what the product is made of.

How to use tags on Etsy

Etsy encourages sellers to use all 13 tags for each listing and use more multi-word phrases than single words, to leave more space for other tags.

Always refresh tags that are not generating enough traffic and consider using synonyms and regional phrases to get better search engine results, especially when it comes to customers from different regions. Using phrases that are catered to the specific demographic or region will help.

Etsy also suggests using long tail keywords that are more descriptive about what your product is and what makes it special.

Etsy tag do’s

Use all 13 tags
Use multi-word phrases
Check and refresh tags
Consider synonyms and regional-specific phrases
Target long tail keywords

How not to use tags on Etsy

There are certain ways you should not use tags on Etsy, including repeating your tags. The 13 tags you get need to be as unique and helpful in describing your items as possible.

You should avoid repeating categories and attributes in your tags as they already act as tags. Do not misspell, as this will make it difficult for your listings to reach shoppers because of a small typo.

It is also not advisable for tags to be in multiple languages, and plurals are fine.

Etsy tag don’ts

Do not repeat tags
Do not repeat categories and attributes
Do not include misspellings
Do not use multiple languages
Do not worry about plurals

Final thoughts

It is important that when you are running an online store, you make it easy for shoppers to find your store or items when they search for products that you sell. Your titles and tags should lead shoppers to your store by assisting with search optimisation.

You need to know how to use tags and how not to use tags on Etsy in order to boost your SEO, but you also need to write out your tags in a way that is legible by including a comma and space after every tag you add to listings.