Stop judging and start loving

When we judge people, we forget that it reflects more on the type of people we are.

Accept how you are feeling

Denial will not help you  resolve the situation that you’re in, you need to focus on how you are feeling. Do not-sugar coat anything because you need to be honest with yourself. We sometimes focus on the negative because we’ve built a wall and we’re not allowing anyone in. We do this because it’s our way of coping with things or anything going on in our  lives.

Anxiety comes in different forms and when we focus on the negative, we  get anxious all the time. We have scenarios of how things are and try by all means to believe them no matter what anyone says to us. You will have a hard time sleeping, relaxing, and eating.

Focus on how far you’ve come

Things don’t always work out the way  we want. When we judge other people, we are putting so much effort elsewhere than in ourselves. You’ll miss out on something that’s in front of you because your attention is elsewhere. Look at the things you’ve achieved so far and be grateful for that. Accept that and be around the people close to you.

Connect with people

Make time for the people you love. They are a reminder of the good things in your life and the love that surrounds you. You can even connect with people you have a different viewpoint to. Just because they don’t agree with you, you’ll judge them and regard them as bad people. You’ll be amazed at the things you can learn from them, which can make you grow.

Show the love you have for your family everywhere

There’s no need to judge other people because when you do, it shows that you are somehow insecure about something. Ask yourself if you’d like it if people judged you? What you’re doing to someone else is not right, and you wouldn’t want it to happen to you.