Stranger Things: Why did Eddie have to die?

Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson allegedly died because it was a fitting end to his storyline, and it helped the series kill off one of its beloved main characters.

Stranger Things has made it a point to surprise, shock, and delight its fans with killing off beloved main characters throughout its four-season run.

But this season, fans were devastated by the loss of beloved new character, Eddie Munson, which was foreshadowed by his story arc in the series.

Who plays Eddie Munson?

English actor Joseph Quinn (Vlll) is the actor behind one of the new beloved characters on Stranger Things season four.

Quinn debuted on the series in the first episode of the season as part of the Hellfire’s Club, which is allegedly behind the mass murders in Hawkins Lab.

Stranger Things: Why did Eddie have to die?

Stranger Things season four was a let-down for fans in that it did not have as many deaths of the main cast, especially its beloved characters.

The first main character death was that of Dr Brenner in the eighth episode, then, the death of Dr Owens. Max also died, but only for a minute until Eleven brought her back to life, as the season ended with her in a coma.

Therefore, the most tragic death was arguably that of Eddie Munson in the season four finale. Eddie sacrificed himself to buy his friends time to kill Vecna during the four-part plan.

Eddie and Dustin were the decoys, and Eddie played Master of Puppets to distract the bats so that the rest of his friends could get access to Vecna’s lair.

But Eddie sacrificed himself when the bats charged back to Vecna’s lair. Instead of running, he decided to complete the ultimate act of heroism by sacrificing himself to buy his friends more time.

Additional reason for Eddie’s death

Another reason that Eddie had to die was because if he returned to the Right Side Up, he would either live on the run or in prison for life as he was accused of the murders by Vecna.

Joseph Quinn (Vlll) on possible Eddie return in season five

In an interview with RadioTimes, Joseph Quinn confirmed that he would not mind coming back to the series, detailing a conversation he had with co-star, Joe Keery, where he said, “…maybe I’d be like a figment of Gaten’s imagination or something.”

Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke supports the return of Eddie in season five

Maya Hawke also expressed her desire for Quinn to return to the show in an interview with NME. Similarly, she said, “But I would love them to find a way to have Eddie’s ghost in the mix, just because Joe Quinn is such an awesome guy.”