Stranger Things: Why did Eleven kill everyone?

Eleven did not kill everyone at the Hawkins National Laboratory, but it was part of the final revelation of the relation between Vecna and Eleven.

Stranger Things returned with its fourth season in May 2022, which began with a cliffhanger that left many surprised.

It was believed that Eleven was behind the massacre at the Hawkins Lab, which was finally revealed to be untrue in season four, part two, episode seven.

How did Stranger Things season four start?

Stranger Things season four opened with the main cliffhanger of the season. The scene started in 1973, showing Dr Brenner’s morning routine while he ran Hawkins Lab.

This scene cuts to Eleven in the rainbow room surrounded by the dead bodies of her “siblings.” This leads viewers to believe that she is behind the massacre.

Stranger Things: Why did Eleven kill everyone?

It was not until the seventh episode of season four of Stranger Things that viewers found out what actually happened that day at the Hawkins Lab.

In the episode titled “Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”, Eleven is vindicated of the belief that she was responsible for the death of her siblings in 1973.  Instead, it is revealed that Number One, or Vecna, was responsible for the massacre at Hawkins Lab.

This episode is also where we learn about the connection between Eleven and Vecna, as Eleven is responsible for freeing Number One after removing the chip that prevented him from using his powers. Eleven removed the chip, still believing that Number One was trying to help her escape.

He fooled her by asking her to hide while he makes a plan for their escape. But when she heard the cries for help, Eleven left her hiding place and found Number One in the rainbow room, mass killing their siblings.

Why did Number One not kill Dr Brenner?

Number One killed everyone but Dr Brenner during the massacre, and the reason for this is still unknown. The show has yet to address it, if at all, considering that Dr Brenner is now dead, again.

Is Vecna dead?

Following the epic battle of season four, the season’s final scenes confirmed that Vecna was not dead as he connected with the mind flayer, so only his physical body is dead.

Who will kill Vecna?

With the upcoming fifth and final season, fans are interested to know who will kill Vecna. There is currently only speculation surrounding this question, and no confirmation.