Taylor Lautner’s roles that had him dumped by Hollywood

Taylor Lautner’s involvement in the Twilight series caused for him to become type cast over the years, and he has arguably failed to secure any other roles that best showcase his acting skills.

Taylor Lautner’s career began in his pre-teens, when he took on a supporting role in Cheaper By The Dozen 2 in 2005, which led him to the lead role in The Adventures of Sharkboy And Lavagirl later that year. Starting off strongly allowed for Taylor to take some time to focus on his schooling, before he returned for his career-defining role in 2008’s Twilight.

At just 17 years old, Taylor sported a smaller physique in the first film, which went along with his character, Jacob Black. For the second instalment, New Moon, author, Stephenie Meyer intended to recast for the role, as Jacob was expected to have had a drastic body transformation, which production staff believed could only be achieved if they replaced Taylor. Refusing to accept his fate, Taylor underwent intense training to build muscle, subsequently making him known as one of the most notable teen heartthrobs of the decade.

Whilst his roles in Twilight were considered his big break, Taylor was type cast as a jock or action star, with directors noticing him for his looks and not his acting ability. His first role outside the franchise saw him making a cameo in the star-studded movie, Valentine’s Day, in 2010, where he played the stereotypical football player. His first lead role outside of the franchise came in 2011, where Taylor was portrayed as a typical action star.

At the peak of his success, Taylor reportedly begun gaining a bad reputation for his exorbitantly high rates, which he felt were justified. The actor took the lead roles in Stretch Arm Strong and Goliath, where he would have reportedly been paid over $5 million for each, only for both of the movies to be shelved due to a lack of interest and poor budgeting.

As offers began to dwindle, Taylor attempted to branch out and take on comedy roles. In 2013, he took on a small role in Grown Ups 2, which received major criticism, as many believed he did not have comedic timing or stage presence. In an attempt to break away from Hollywood, Taylor joined the British sitcom, Cuckoo, which, once again, was not received well by the audience.

Taylor went on to take on roles in different capacities, but has ultimately been unable to achieve a fraction of the success he received with Twilight. As at 2021, Taylor has been relatively reclusive on social media, and is believed to be spending much of his time with his friends and family.