Terra Mystica board game strategies

In the game of Terra Mystica, players’ minds work hard to identify and apply various strategies in a complex game to win and maximise territories.

Gaming often consists of coming up with the right strategies to win a game. That is possibly the best way to win in a game, especially one of strategy gameplay.

It can be difficult to win at a strategy-type of game without applying a certain game plan to achieve victory. Depending on the type of game being played, there are different sorts of strategies you can apply to help you win.

The Terra Mystica board game is a game with a number of strategies that players can adopt to win, and knowing these strategies is necessary.

Terra Mystica board game

If you are drawn to gaming that involves factions, influence, and cults, you will enjoy playing the Terra Mystica board game, which is centred around that kind of gameplay.

Being a strategic game based on categories such as civilisations, the economy, fantasy, and territory building, then Terra Mystica is a game that will challenge you when it comes to strategy.

It can get complex, as there is a lot of information to process throughout the game. Knowing the right strategies to use in your attempt to terraform and compete with other groups of factions will result in success in developing and growing your own environments and territories.

Terra Mystica board game strategies

Since Terra Mystica is known for its complex gameplay, players need to know as much as they can about certain strategies when it comes to playing the game and possibly winning.

Terra Mystica is not much of a luck game, so being tactical about your gameplay can help boost your chances of winning.

There are several versions of Terra Mystica, including the original Terra Mystica, Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Seas, and Terra Mystica: Fire and Ice.

Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Seas

Terra Mystica: Fire and Ice

When it comes to strategic thinking and application in Terra Mystica, you need to consider general strategies to implement as well as strategies when it comes to gameplay that involves your factions or races, which are ultimately the centre of your world.

There are so many strategies that players can consider when it comes to the game. Ranging from strategies related to the general stuff, strategies when it comes to the good and the bad of factions, and structural and placement strategies, to power and power action strategies, and many more.

Some general strategies

General strategies How to apply
Be smart when picking factions
  • Look at what other players have chosen to avoid other players terraforming your home territories
  • Fighting to maintain territory will result in the loss of resources quicker
Burn some power
  • Using power early on may be advantageous
  • Gets you extra actions earlier in the game and allows you to circulate that power faster
Get strongholds early
  • Get your stronghold out early, as you will have plenty of resources to build it, even on the first turn
  • Different factions have varied stronghold abilities
Plan to build two towns
  • Consider towns with your starting dwellings
  • Town will gain you extra points and resources
Build close to people
  • Take a chance and build close to people
  • If you do not, you may find yourself paying more for Trading Houses that have no Power
  • Balance danger and incentive
Use Round Scoring Tiles and Cult Track Bonuses
  • Round-to-round opportunities to score can help you develop a good strategy for the rest of the game
  • Observe Cult Track bonuses and how they line up
  • Move up on the tracks to optimise the number of bonuses you can get

Strategies for structures and placements

Strategies for structures and placements How to apply
  • Place dwellings to become part of a town
  • Do not place too many anywhere else or you will run out
Trade posts
  • Time your trade posts
  • Get a trade post and give it time to earn income before upgrading it to a temple or SH
  • Avoid upgrading without neighbours and in places that are not part of a town
  • Get a temple early for priest income and the favour tile
  • Place your early temple where a sanctuary might be needed later in the game
  • Get a stronghold in part of a town
  • Depending on factions, some need one early, but avoid overinvesting
  • Optional for some faction
  • Handy for players who need a town with only 3 tiles

Strategies for choosing factions

Choosing a faction is important and your choice depends on the round bonus tiles in the game, the cult bonuses, and the factions that other players picked. You should avoid:

  1. Factions where both neighbouring factions have been chosen by other players
  2. Factions with two starting levels on a cult track with no bonuses
  3. Factions for which you will struggle to get neighbours