Thanksgiving charades

Thanksgiving is a time where friends and family come together to eat, drink, offer thanks, and blessings, and Thanksgiving charades adds some fun to the joyous festivities.

Charades are a fantastic way to stir up laughter and an overall fun experience in any type of setting, party, or get together. It is a popular game that gets everyone in on the action, whether you are playing in teams or as one group.

Charades is a versatile game that can be played in almost any kind of gathering. The Thanksgiving holiday is one such occasion.

Typically, the day involves feasting over the turkey roast of the year and being in the company of friends and family, but a good game of charades can add some fun to the occasion.

How to play charades

Charades is a competitive game whereby players are split into teams and the games begin with trying to guess the phrase, word, movie title, book, character, or anything of the sort.

Teams take turns guessing what their member is trying to portray or act out to them as stated on a slip of paper or a card. The guessing team is timed and has to guess the word or phrase within the allotted time.

The trick is that the person acting out the word or phrase is not allowed to speak at all, they can only use the movement of their bodies.

Thanksgiving charades

To get into the mood of thanksgiving, a good game of Thanksgiving themed charades can make for a fun and enjoyable experience.

A nice approach to take is to come up with a variety of phrases and words that tie into the theme of Thanksgiving. People will then have to put their guessing skills to the test to see how much they are clued up on about the Thanksgiving holiday.

There is a vast number of ideas to draw inspiration on for words and phrases and you can include the names of some traditional Thanksgiving foods and drinks that you can indulge in, words and phrases centered on the tradition of Thanksgiving, items that are significant to Thanksgiving day, actions that are usually prevalent on the day, activities for everyone that form part of the day, the people you generally spend this holiday with around, the different moods that are commonly felt on the occasion, and anything else that can best represent the theme.

A game of Thanksgiving charades can be played by everyone in your family, from adults to the kids, and all it takes is gathering everyone before or after the feast and having them engage in a good Thanksgiving-themed round of charades.

Word and phrase inspirations based on Thanksgiving food and drinks

Since feasting is a big (arguably the main) part of what Thanksgiving is all about, a good Thanksgiving themed game of charades needs to be filled with words and phrases related to food. Some of these words and phrases include the following:

Food and drinks: Words and phrases
Turkey roast Bread Platters
Corn Cranberries Eating leftovers
Apple pie Apple cider Kitchen
Gravy Mashed potatoes Cooking
Vegetables Ham Menu
Sweet potato casserole Stuffing Apple cobbler
Maple syrup Sweet corn S’mores
Biscuits Corn bread Basting the ham
Eating an overcooked turkey Yams Dessert
Wild rice Bonfire Feeding the dog under the table

Words and phrases for actions or activities on Thanksgiving

A lot goes into putting together the perfect Thanksgiving day for friends and family. Plenty of activities and charades can be a good way to describe all that takes place on a day of Thanksgiving, as well as some of the phrases and words listed below.

Actions and activities: Words and phrases
Playing/watching football Passing food around the table Travelling to grandma’s house
Cooking and baking Hugging each other Taking an afternoon nap
Praying Setting the table Loading the dishwasher
Playing a board game Lighting candles Jumping in the leaves
Washing dishes Passing the rolls Raking the leaves
Chopping wood Shopping Partying

Words and phrases for emotions/moods and items used on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a day of so many emotions as family and friends come together for a day filled with a range of moods like love for one another and a love for life, gratitude for life and each other, counting each your blessings, and offering praise and thanks to God for all you have.

Thanksgiving creates a mood and atmosphere filled with love, celebration, and overall happiness and joy. Some suitable words for these moods are:

Emotions and items used on Thanksgiving: Words and phrases
Grateful Grace Praise
Tradition Memories Wealth
Blessings Resting Wisdom
Thankful Gratitude Worship
Care God Celebration
Happiness Proclamation Love