Thanksgiving Family Feud questions

A game of Thanksgiving-inspired Family Feud can bring the family together through competitions, while testing people’s knowledge on the holiday.

The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the most anticipated holidays in America. People prepare to get together with family for the Thanksgiving lunch or dinner of the year. Thanksgiving is a big deal, and it often gives people the time to see family if they do not often get the chance to.

The holiday’s name, Thanksgiving, fully encompasses what the day is all about, a day of giving thanks and celebrating life. It is a day to feast on only the best food and drink as well as a day of fun and games for the family and all your friends and loved ones.

Thanksgiving Family Feud

While the holiday is often mainly focused on the idea of getting together with loved ones for a day of gratitude and chaos in preparation of foods, it is also a time where games can be played to keep people in good spirits.

A great game to play to get people engaged and not lazing around after the feast is a Family Feud game inspired by Thanksgiving. There are plenty of questions and potential answers about Thanksgiving, making it a worthwhile game to play.

Thanksgiving Family Feud questions

Family Feud is an iconic game, and it is based on one of the most popular American television game shows to ever exist. The show has been presented by many icons and its most recent host is comedian, Steve Harvey, who is loved by many.

The show has since grown and expanded into many other countries with their own versions. Gameplay involves two families battling it out to answer survey questions that have more than one possible answer.

Five family members each have a round of turns to be the first to answer a question in the hopes of scoring. Potential answers are ranked based on their popularity according to survey answers to the questions.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving lunch or dinner for the year, you can imagine how fitting a game of Family Feud would be as an addition to the day.

With everything that revolves around the day of Thanksgiving, the variety of questions that can be asked for a Thanksgiving-inspired game of Family Feud is endless and questions can get quite creative.

This game can be a great way to test how clued-up family members are on the holiday. Family and friends can engage in a hilarious game of trying to prove how much they know about Thanksgiving.

These are some questions inspired by Thanksgiving that can be asked:

  • Name an activity, besides eating that can be done on Thanksgiving
  • Name a food that can be eaten on Thanksgiving starting with the letter T
  • Name a food that can only be eaten on Thanksgiving and not any other time of the year
  • Name something people relate to Thanksgiving
  • What could a person bring to Thanksgiving if they cannot cook?
  • What Thanksgiving food comes in a can?
  • What do people buy last minute on Thanksgiving?
  • What is the most popular Thanksgiving tradition?
  • Name an NFL team that plays on Thanksgiving
  • What is the best Thanksgiving dessert?

Playing Family Feud at home

Family Feud is one of the best get together games to play, which makes it fitting for an occasion like Thanksgiving. Since it is a game intended to be played by families and loved ones, Family Feud can be recreated to centre around the Thanksgiving holiday.

Get the family to split into two groups of five teams each and have each team from the two groups compete against each other per round.

Setting up the game

To play the game, prepare the list of questions and their potential answers and points per answer on a poster board and cover each one with a long piece of paper so players cannot see.

Have the question written at the top of the board for players to see. Hide the poster boards so that the questions and answers are not seen by players ahead of time, giving them an opportunity to cheat.

Playing a Fast Money Round

Should you choose for there to be a fast money round of the game where players get to win fast money, you can get two players from the winning team, and have one leave the room where they cannot hear what is being discussed.

Put on a timer for 20 seconds and ask the first team member fast money questions and write their answers down. A player has 20 seconds to answer all five questions.

Once their round is over, calculate their points. Call in the second player and repeat the same questions and if they give the same answers as their teammate, they should try again for a different answer.

At the end of the round, total their scores and if they get a certain number of points, for example: 150, they win fast money.