The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Why did Ellen’s show end?

According to Ellen DeGeneres, her show ended after 19 seasons because it was time, but it is believed that the 2020 scandal was the real reason for her decision.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show came to an end in June 2022 after 19 seasons and over 3 374 episodes of the show since it aired in 2006.

Officially, DeGeneres attributed the end of the show to knowing it was the right time, but it is believed that her 2020 scandal catalysed her decision to end the show.

Ellen DeGeneres on ending her show

Prior to officially announcing the end of her talk show in May 2021, DeGeneres confirmed the news on Twitter. Formally speaking on her decision, she shared during her monologue that, “The talk show has been great, but I want to challenge myself.”

Adding, “As much as I love the (weekday) show, it’s so comfortable for me, nothing scares me about it … and I just like to stay creative.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Why did Ellen’s show end?

Ellen DeGeneres indicated that her decision to end the show was so that she could seek new challenges, which was supported by reports that the show’s end was imminent since 2019, when DeGeneres indicated to NBC that she was ready to end her reign as one of the most recognisable faces on daytime television.

However, insiders suggested that the 2020 scandal, which put the reputation of her show into disrepute, was the real cause.

In 2020, DeGeneres was rocked with allegations that she had created a toxic work environment when former employees spoke out about the alleged racism and microaggressions behind the scenes from the executives of the show. Three executive producers were subsequently fired.

Moreover, DeGeneres offered an apology suggesting that she was disappointed about hearing the news and vowed to do better.

Who were the last guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

To close off her 19-season run, Ellen invited her friend, Jennifer Aniston, P!nk and Billie Eilish to be the last guests to appear on the show’s final episode.

What is Ellen DeGeneres doing now?

It seems that DeGeneres is currently taking some time off and has not mentioned anything about her next career move.

Ellen DeGeneres teases return to stand-up

During her confirmation monologue on the show, DeGeneres did tease her possible next move when she stated, “That’s really who I am at heart, a stand-up performer, and writing is everything to me.”