The grass is greener where you water it

Expecting the grass to be greener without watering it is like expecting a tree without a seed- quite impossible.

Reasons why nurture is important

This maxim simply means that attention, effort and love, encourage growth. When you take the time to take care of something, you help it grow and flourish. Take a romantic relationship as an example; when the two people dedicate their time to each other and make efforts to maintain the relationship, it grows and eventually flourishes. For any kind of thing to flourish, it needs time, love and patience.

The parts of our lives which we nurture and care for, become greener and flourish. When you take the time to work on yourself, you are at a great chance of becoming the best version of yourself. Self-nurturing is an important part of self-love and fosters growth. For example, when you nurture your emotional health, you are more likely to develop a strong sense of emotional intelligence. This means the ability to go through emotional turbulence without being neurotic and irrational.

Negligence is an indication of rejection. You cannot expect other parts of the grass to grow when you actively neglect them. You cannot expect growth in your career when you don’t take the time to learn new things to expand your knowledge and be innovative.

The world is constantly changing and requires learning and unlearning. Watering your grass also means learning newer and effective ways of nurturing it. Nurturing requires attention. Take time to learn about the type of your grass, how many litres of water it requires and how many days per week it needs. Using relationships as an analogy, this means taking the time to learn about others and how to treat them. Learn what makes them tick and what makes them sad.