The Nevers premieres on HBO

The Nevers premiered on HBO this Sunday, and follows a group of Victorian women whose lives are far from ordinary because of their abnormal abilities.

The Nevers premiered on HBO on Sunday, 11 April 2021, and introduced audience members to the cast which comprises Laura Donnelly, Anne Skilly and James Norton. The series is set in Victorian London in the 1800s, where the town is shaken by a supernatural event that gives a large group of people, mostly women, extraordinary powers and abilities. Whilst the powers are intriguing at first, it is soon revealed that all those who possess the magical gifts are in grave danger.

In particular, a mysterious, quick-fisted widow, Amalia True, and a young inventor, Penance Adair, are amongst those who receive the magical gifts. They are then tasked with protecting and sheltering a number of gifted orphans. HBO has also stated that whilst the first six episodes are currently available for viewing, the second six will be released as the second part in late 2021.