The only way out is through

This is an extract from ‘Servant to Servant’ – a poem by Robert Frost. Oftentimes people choose to escape from their life problems instead of dealing with them.

We avoid discomfort and pain that is required to get through. It is important that we allow life’s obstacles to take course in our lives. Finding ways to escape from our pain and suffering denies us an opportunity to learn from them. We all make mistakes and sometimes our mistakes lead to heartbreaking results. The failure to acknowledge our pain and deal with it, robs us of an opportunity to experience life fully. Life is full of problems and they will never end.

The same is true for pain and suffering. Getting through troubles helps us appreciate the good times. Happiness and sadness are intertwined. One does not exist outside of the other. These are similar to light and darkness. We know there is light because we have seen and experienced darkness.

This quote is true for almost every life’s situation. Let us take a look at an example of someone who wishes to lose weight. The only way out of their current weight is through going to the gym and committing to a healthy diet. This will take physical pain, commitment and discipline. Without these, the person will not achieve anything substantial for their weight loss goals. Cutting corners will hinder progress or worsen the problem.

We cannot go through life in a linear and smooth pathway. We cannot avoid going through pain and suffering because we desire a good and happy life. A good and happy life will be more appreciated when we have fully known a chaotic and sad life. Without feeling and going through sadness, we would not know happiness.