The reason why Bailey Sarian has not been vocal about her lawsuit against L’Oréal

Bailey Sarian’s 2016 lawsuit against internationally acclaimed beauty brand, L’Oréal, was subsequently dismissed, and has not been discussed in detail by the YouTuber to date.

Bailey Sarian is a well-known YouTuber who gained prominence by combining murder stories, mysteries and makeup for her unusual online content.

Finding her unique niche in the plethora of channels on YouTube allowed for her to become recognised for her videos that are uploaded consistently every Monday.

With over four million subscribers on the platform, the makeup enthusiast has generated a large fanbase that has taken an active interest in her life outside of her online platforms.

In 2016, Bailey filed a lawsuit against beauty giant, L’Oréal, after the brand allegedly used her photograph for an ad campaign without her permission.

Aside from not consulting her about it, the brand allegedly refused to pay her or offer royalties from the money raised through the campaign.

Whilst her lawsuit was made public, Bailey did not speak out about it in detail, as she ignored the messages she had received for her to explain what had happened.

Years later, she addressed the matter in an interview with fellow YouTuber, ItzKeisha, in December 2020.

During the interview, ItzKeisha questioned whether Bailey had ever had a bad experience with a brand, to which she responded by detailing how a major makeup company allegedly used her image without her permission in a promotional campaign.

She claimed that she was not alerted or asked for permission prior. Although she did not name any brands in the interview, it is speculated that she was referring to L’Oréal.

Fans have questioned why Bailey continuously avoids mentioning the brand’s name, and have speculated that it is because the multi-million-dollar brand paid her to have the case dismissed and to keep quiet on the matter.

It is also rumoured that she received a cease and desist letter in 2016, ordering her not to mention L’Oréal on a public platform.