The road to Bethan Karshaw and Beau Brennan’s final breakup

Bethan Karshaw and Beau Brennan’s tumultuous relationship was documented throughout their time on Geordie Shore, and despite leaving the house after their initial separation, the couple gave it one last try in 2020.

Bethan Karshaw and Beau Brennan met in 2019 as part of the cast of MTV UK’s twentieth season of Geordie Shore. Both individuals were ready to spend their time in the house mingling with as many people as they wanted, however, their instant connection resulted in them pairing off immediately. The two got to know each other quickly during their time in the house, and were in an exclusive relationship with one another soon thereafter.

Viewers of the show followed their journey from courtship to officially being boyfriend and girlfriend, and were surprised to see things heading south so soon. Jealousy and insecurity often got the better of them whilst in the house, resulting in numerous heated arguments which led to friction in the house.

During the filming of season 21 of Geordie Shore in late 2019, Bethan and Beau got into an intense argument, which led to Bethan storming out of the house and quitting the show. According to The Sun, an insider provided information on what had transpired, stating, “It was one of the worst rows they have ever had – really explosive stuff. In the end, Bethan was very emotional and just walked. She’s had enough. The bosses are panicking because she is a great cast member and they really don’t want to lose her. The romance between her and Beau has been a key storyline, so they are desperate for her to come back.”

Bethan stuck to her word and refused to return to set, leaving the Geordie Shore producers with no choice but to move on with the storyline. Filming was eventually cut short because of the coronavirus pandemic, which meant that Bethan and Beau were not obligated to see one another.

In early 2020, they had deleted all traces of one another off social media and had unfollowed each other on Instagram. The Sun reported that the couple had tried to reconcile for a brief period in November 2020, however, as of February 2021, they are both single and are believed to have no intention of getting back together.