The timeline of Manon Mathews and Stephen Murray’s relationship that ended in divorce

Manon Mathews and Stephen Murray’s marriage came to an abrupt end merely six months after their wedding, due to a hurdle that they could not move past.

Manon Mathews is an American actress and comedian who gained prominence on social media for her short skits and impression videos.

Stephen shares a similar career path to Manon as an actor, however, he has taken on more serious roles and stayed out of comedy. The pair met in 2017 at a common event and immediately hit it off.

Their connection was considered undeniable, and both Manon and Stephen were open with their fans about their new love.

Four months after they officially began dating, Stephan proposed to Manon, confirming his love and commitment to her.

The couple decided to spend more time as an engaged couple and get to know one another better with the intention of getting married.

Manon and Stephen got married in July 2019 in an intimate and lavish wedding ceremony. The newlyweds documented their special day in a YouTube video, where fans were able to witness their journey as a married couple.

The first few months of their marriage saw a decrease in social media posts about one another, leaving fans to wonder if they had chosen to spend time together without the public’s interference in their new life.

This was proven to be untrue in late 2019, when it was revealed to local media that Manon and Stephen had filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason.

After remaining quiet for some time, in March 2020, Manon took to Facebook to confirm their divorce, claiming that after three months, they had encountered a monumental speed bump and, despite having gone to marriage counselling, they were unable to resolve their issues.

She stated, “We have decided to separate and remain friends. It has been a few months now and the grieving process was excruciating, as I planned my life with this person. I care for him deeply and hope he finds nothing but happiness, joy and peace. I do not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it. I have learned so much about myself in this process and I love where I am at today. I was once told that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. This may just be for a season, but definitely for a reason. Relationships are lessons.”

Thereafter, in June 2020, Manon released her book, Funny How It Works Out, where she revealed the details of her divorce.

According to the comedian, after three months of marriage, she had discovered that Stephen had been consistently cheating on her and had unlocked thousands of messages on his computer, which proved that he was in contact with multiple women.

After being confronted about what he had done, Stephen agreed to marriage counselling, however, they saw no resolution to the issues that they had.