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The Young and the Restless recasts Faith Newman

Alyvia Lind has taken on a new role after leaving The Young and the Restless’ Faith Newman behind.

The Young and the Restless fans noticed in a recent episode that Faith Newman had been recast. Reylynn Caster has now taken on the role of Faith, following Alyvia Lind’s exit. Lind has yet to speak on her departure , but has seemingly  taken on other projects. Alyvia made her debut on The Young and the Restless in 2011, when she was just three years old. She immediately swept long-time viewers off their feet with her portrayal of Faith.

After a few seasons on The Young and the Restless, Lind started to take on additional industry projects. She has also worked alongside Hollywood stars such as Michael Sheen and Amy Landecker.

Lind was recently signed on as a regular cast member on Chucky, which is a horror mystery television series capturing the chaos that ensues in a small town after a vintage chucky doll resurfaces at a backyard sale. The actress stated that her character, Lexy, is very different from Faith and is seen as the self-appointed princess of her school. Lind will also make an appearance in Masquerade.

Lind has not addressed the reason behind her exit from The Young and the Restless yet, but her fans are assuming that she left the show to pursue other acting opportunities. The actress teased that she would return to the show, if she were to be invited back. She also stated that she hopes to stay in touch with the cast and crew. Many of her co-stars took to Twitter to congratulate her and to wish her luck with her future projects.


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