Things to do by yourself

Humans are social beings; we live and interact with others. We all contribute to the world differently according to our set of skills and abilities.

Because of this, we all depend on each other to better survive. Whilst some people are well-versed in solving medical problems, others are more knowledgeable about human behavior and so forth. The economic system of the world sells people’s unique skills as commodities to benefit others.

For example, we depend on creative fashion designers for the clothes we wear, on farmers for the food we eat, and on doctors for our medical health. We purchase services and products based on what we cannot do for ourselves. Although dependency is a way of life, there are other things that we should do ourselves. These include:

Being happy

Happiness is a personal thing and comes from the inside. Depending on others for your happiness means that you are giving them power to control how you feel. This will have damaging effects on you because people will always disappoint you. Never place your joy and happiness in someone else’s hands.

Cultivating your goals and passions

You are in control of your own destiny. Chasing your dreams and passions is totally up to you. You can never pay someone to be at the forefront of your dreams. Yes you may seek insight here and there, but the power to change your life, lies fully in your hands.

Self-care and self-love

Self-care is not selfishness but rather, self-preservation. Self-care is a result of self-love. The decisions to care for our health and well-being, rest totally with us. Things like committing to a healthy diet and exercising has to come from our own will. Do not wait till your doctor recommends dieting because your lack of self-care has resulted in adverse effects on your health. Self-care also means taking a decision to break free from toxic relationships, dealing with anger issues and anxiety, and seeking help for depression and other medical issues.

Although we depend on others for most things, it is important for us to do some things by ourselves to help gain autonomy and control over our lives.