Things to write in a journal

Five most important things to write in your journal today.

Journaling is probably one of the best ways to observe growth. For people who like to live in retrospect, journaling is the best tool for reference and reflection. Keeping a journal takes you down memory lane to your best and worst days. Journaling is so easy, just grab a pen and paper, and start pouring out your emotions. Here are five things you should include in your journal:

Your achievements

Write a journal which celebrates all your wins. You could use this as a positive reminder of your wins. When you are feeling emotionally down, look back on your victories. This will help you feel better and boost your mood.

Your losses and failures

This may not be ideal for you if you live by ideals of positivity. However, it is important for you to document all your losses and failures in order to reflect on how far you’ve come. Journaling your failures will help you learn and keep you from repeating the same mistakes. This will also give you motivation and a reminder that you are strong enough to overcome any kind of problem. Motivation doesn’t always come from positive experiences.

Positive mantras or quotes

Make a collection of few a quotes which resonate well with your life. Keep yourself empowered and motivated everyday. Positive mantras and quotes will help you change your mindset and divert from negative thoughts.

Write down your goals or have a to-do list

Write down the things you wish to do within a timeline. Your goals should not only be limited to your career. Write down adventures you would like to try. This could be something such as learning how to ride a bicycle, visiting a new city or country, trying a new sport game, etc.