TikTok: How to make money clips

Looking at the different video clips shared under the TikTok hashtag “money clips”, the types of accounts use this hashtag, and how it is related to money.


TikTok is one of the most popular video content platforms around at the moment. It is home to millions of creators, both big and small, who have used the space to create fun, engaging, viral, and informative video clips related to their specific niche and what they love sharing.

Some have used TikTok as a space to advertise their respective businesses and hustles, and these video clips have become popular under the “money clips” hashtag on TikTok.

Most videos that are related to money in any way or different ways of making money are tagged under the hashtag #moneyclips.

TikTok money clips

TikTok is a space where people can come onto the platform and share video content related to just about anything they like, are interested in or know. People can get creative as well as inform.

The money clips hashtag on TikTok is used by many creators who are in some way covering content related to money, or in the case where their video has to do with money or a specific topic on money.

Users use #moneyclips to advertise their businesses, share tips on making money, share amusing content on money, and advertise actual handmade money clips.

TikTok: How to make money clips

Making a money clip on TikTok can be related to anything about money. Under the hashtag for money clips, you will discover a range of videos on different topics on money.

Some users are showcasing how they make actual handmade money clips as a business venture, and others share video clips of the products they sell as a small business and how people can place orders.

Some users are affiliate marketers, and some share the many ways that one can make money and on which platforms this is possible.

In other cases it’s for comical relief, as you will find that some users are simply just making fun of something or certain situations that have something to do with money.

Making a TikTok video clip to share under the money clips hashtag is the same as making any other TikTok video. If this interests you, you can also create a video and share it under the money clips hashtag.

Who are some popular creators under the #moneyclips?

TikTok is known as a space where certain creators will be popular for creating certain video content, and this is also the case when it comes to creators who frequently use the money clips hashtag and create content specific to the hashtag and money in general.

Some popular TikTok creators who can always be found under the hashtag include the money clips daily account, MorrisonMade Leather, who is popular for making actual leather money clips as a business and shows you step-by-step how he makes his money clips from scratch.

What is the NewMoneyClips account about?

The NewMoneyClips account also has a range of videos that will pop up under the money clips hashtag on TikTok. This is a very useful account, as it is filled with advice and methods of making your money work for you.

People are taught and shown how to use their money best, such as how to look into stock markets, how to invest and where to invest, understanding market statistics and how things such as inflation works and what inflation rates mean.

It also teaches you how to strategically plan for your money for the year.

Small businesses and the money clips hashtag

The money clips hashtag is a very versatile one where even businesses and small business owners are using it, and TikTok as a platform to advertise their business and the products they have to offer. This offers a great way of attracting customers and orders from a community as large as TikTok.

Businesses are able to show their products to audiences, direct people to their stores to purchase and guide them on how they can go about placing their orders, as well as all other information that could be relevant to potential customers.

Final thoughts

TikTok has offered creators a space to not only share content of themselves being carefree and creating funny videos, but it has opened up so many opportunities for people to showcase their different ideas and interests, as well as a space to offer expert advice, support and teaching.

#moneyclips is filled with clips of different topics related to money. Creators are making clips of them making money clips to sell, their business ventures, ideas and advice on all things money matters and how to make money.

Creating a video and sharing it under #moneyclips is all it takes.