Tired of waiting on God for a husband

We see our peers happy in marriages and we envy what they have.

This results in forcing relationships just to be called someone’s wife.

There is nothing wrong with waiting for a husband. If you don’t, you’ll end up with someone who is not a suitable partner for you. This is because you had been desperate and settled for less than you deserved. The relationship isn’t built on the right foundation so chances are that it won’t last, and you won’t get to enjoy your marriage.

You do not know what God has planned for you, but it’s never something that is to harm you. He wants what is best for you and for you to have a spouse who will  love and respect you. The problem is that we want things to happen how we want, and at our own time. We become impatient and just do whatever we feel like doing. We lose sight of the good that comes once you have waited for something.

Enjoy your singleness and embrace that. As people we are so focused on what social media feeds us that we get distracted. We want to be part of a group that posts pictures with their husbands. The pressure will get to you and you’ll see things differently. You don’t want to miss out on hash-tagging your relationship like everyone else, to show how perfect your relationship is with your husband. You don’t want to get into a marriage for the wrong reason and with the wrong person because of pressure.

Focus on your goals and purpose while waiting for God to bless you with a husband. Things will happen but not when you are too focused on them.