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Trade in your old gadgets for money

Teaching your children financial literacy can be beneficial for them in the future

Having to trade in two of my gadgets due to desperation of money made me realize that it’s a quick and easy way generate income.

Do you have an old phone, iPad or gaming system lying around? Sell it at a trade-in store such as Cash Crusaders or a site like Amazon trade-in.

Back in my college days I was once in desperate need of money because I had a textbook to buy which I hadn’t bothered buying at the beginning of the year. I had assumed we wouldn’t need it; however, the school decided to implement the module in second semester and my student portal only provided me with notes and not the full contents of the textbook.

It was the era of tablets back then so in essence, I had three phones, one being a tablet. With the textbook retailing at R578, I had to look for ways to make quick cash, so I came up with a plan of selling my tablet and one of my phones at a cashback retail shop called Cash Crusaders. I had to bargain with the sales man by giving him both my tablet and phone and I received R1 500, despite considering my gadgets as second-hand goods.

I found that selling my gadgets at a trade-in store was more profitable than selling it to another individual on platforms like Facebook pages where people sell all kinds of products. The trade-in store offered me a better deal than what I would’ve made if I was selling the phone and tablet to an individual.