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Transport school kids for an extra income

Transport school kids for an extra income

Commuting kids to and from school is a lucrative business as most parents aren’t able to drop their children off before work, due to time constraints.

Growing up, I was one of the kids who used a transporting system to commute to and from school, from crèche all the way up to matric. This system is different to public transport because it picks you up at your gate at a designated time and drops you off at the school’s gate. It operates as a carpool system, if you will.

A few months ago, I realized that my previous primary school driver had upgraded his form of transportation from a ten-seater car called a Toyota Venture to owning a 16-seater Quantum taxi. This upgrade meant that he could transport more kids and make more money. While I was still in primary school, the fee was R150 a month and he would made R1 500 from the ten kids he transported. Nowadays, the transport system charges anything between R400 and R600. My sister currently pays R550 per month for my niece’s transport, who is currently in grade 1.

My uncle recently went into the transporting system and he has had rave review about it, so far. he owns a Quantum taxi and works as a public transport during the day. He shared that the transport system is making him an extra R8 000 a month, charging R500 per child for 16 children. He also noted that it is a convenient side hustle for him as all the kids he transports attend the same school, so the collection that takes a bit longer is the morning run for school.