Unsettled board game

If exploring alien worlds and the cosmos in an effort to fight for your continued existence appeals to you, then you will enjoy the Unsettled board game.

Many people are drawn to the possibility of life beyond earth and the events of outer space. If you have a fascination with the galaxies and the alien world, then you should try out the Unsettled board game, as it is set in space exploring alien environments.

The Unsettled game is part of a series of collaborative survival puzzles, so puzzle-lovers will enjoy it too. Players will experience unique worlds in an effort to ensure continued existence across an expanding series of alien environments. The goal is to survive in space.

Description and classifications of Unsettled

The Unsettled board game is a thematic game that is set in the categories of exploration and science-fiction.

The various mechanisms of play used in the game include it being a cooperative game with dice rolling, a modular board, a variable set-up, and worker placement. Two to four players can play the game, and it is suitable for players aged 14 years and older.

Playtime can range from 60 to 90 mins. The Unsettled game system has two parts: the main framework and the planet boxes for every planet.

The framework has all the non-planet specific components to be used in every play and planet boxes contain everything that makes every planet’s experience unique.

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Unsettled board game

Some players will be happy to know that there are no enemies and no combat in the Unsettled board game, only an environment where every step, breath, and particle around you could mean immediate, terrifying, death.

Enemies are the least of your many worries. In these conditions, players must set out to complete tasks that are necessary for their continued survival.

Every time you play, you will have a different combination of survival tasks to complete and things to discover (as well as their weird properties).

Although you will always know what problems you need to tackle, you will never know what to expect or how you are going to make use of the world before you do so. Furthermore, you also will not know what the world can do to you while you try to complete tasks.

As you explore the environments, coming across wild and unique opportunities along the way, you need to work closely with the rest of your crew to achieve the goal of your continued existence.

The key lies in being able to trust each other because if your crew lacks trust, all hope for survival will be lost.

The two planets you will explore in the game are planet 001-Wenora and planet 002-Grakkis. Both planets are distinct – Wenora is a fungal jungle and planet Grakkis is filled with sand-swept desert ruins with unique and bizarre things for players to discover.

Planet Wenora

Planet Wenora requires players to embrace their fungal hosts and discover complex abilities beyond their imagination or be absorbed forever. Wenora is a fungal-infested environment filled with alien vegetation and gargantuan spore-based life forms.

The rate of growth in Wenora is on a scale beyond anything ever seen. Life is said to drip and pulsate in a disturbing way with enigmatic pastes and powders covering most of the planet’s wriggling surfaces.

Navigating the land is scary, yet awe-inspiring. Tentacles, toxic spores, and an alarming variety of suction cups thrive on Wenora.

You can expect to find things like electromagnetic polypores, incandescent slime, floating tentacle knots, screaming glow frogs, and telekinetic microbe clouds.

Planet Grakkis

In the planet of Grakkis, players will discover pathways to the skies to escape aggressive storms and gigantic creatures that haunt the surface.

Grakkis was once a planet-wide forest of large trees, and now it is a forest graveyard. All the trees have deteriorated and changed into a stone-like condition.

Some have rotted and created strange caves and crevices with many thousands of feet above ground crumbled into fascinating formations, while some have crumbled into fascinating formations. Disturbing massive alien lifeforms, wander the land.

Players can expect to find things such as musical Stonewood formations, falling stone-fruit bombs, bioluminescent paste, blooming geodes, and gas-filled sandstorms.

Science will help you survive

In this game, your greatest threat is not militant aliens or warring civilisations and no violence is required in your fight for survival.

Instead, players need to survive by pursuing scientific opportunities, making discoveries, gaining comprehension, and achieving breakthroughs in chemistry, engineering, and robotics.

Only by uncovering all the bizarre things each of the planets make possible, do players find the will to survive.