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Use public transport to save money on fuel

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Traveling by public transport saves a lot of money compared to using your own car, especially if you’re traveling long distances on a daily basis.

Over the past few years, the fluctuating price of fuel has deterred a lot of drivers from commuting with their own cars. Fuel has gotten so expensive that traveling by public transport has turned out to be best option suited for me.

I’ve found this to be especially true a week before pay day, where pouring fuel for my car would cost me triple the amount I used on public transport. When I was still using my dad’s car to run some errands and attend school, I figured it wasn’t a great option for me, especially because as a student, I only attended classes three times a week and fuel was straining my pockets.

Although using my own car was much quicker and more convenient compared to waiting for a taxi, I struggled with the upkeep of the consistently increasing fuel prices. I had noticed that petrol worth R250 only lasted me for three days, which resulted in the monthly fuel expenditure of R1 000.

When I compared this to taking a taxi, I found that I’d only spend R138 in a week, which calculated to R552 for the whole month. Since then, I opted for public transport, especially for drives with a significant mileage.